Friday, December 16, 2011

St Valentines Massacre

Here is a movie clip about the St Valentines Massacre

Thursday, December 15, 2011

1920's Gallery Walk

This is the 1920's gallery walk for thsoe of you that still need to write down your notes for the 1920's Board Game.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

1920's videos

Here are the 1920's videos from class:

Damsel In distress movies were popular then:

Charlie Chaplin:
Lions Cage:

Charlie Chaplin Barber:

Babe Ruth Calling his shot?

Charles Lindberg

Amelia Earhart:

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Here are the WWI videos on Trench Warfare that we looked at while taking notes today. Depth Charge (video couldn't be imbedded so I gave you the link) The U-571 clip that shows how a depth charge works: All Quiet on The Western Front clip that shows how Trench Warfare worked:

Friday, November 18, 2011

WWI Trench Warfare Game

I decided to post the link to the Trench Warfare game that we used in class to explain how trench warfare worked. If you want you can play as much as you like.

WWI Alliances Video

This video explains some of the strategies used by Germany to attack France and explains how each nation was allied with the other, which caused the war to break out after The Archduke was killed.
Outbreak of World War I
More social studies videos on World War I at  

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

US Presidents Video McKinley - Wilson

These videos are the Presidents videos that we watched during class on WIlliam McKinely, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wislon. Watch only the parts specified:

Video one on McKinley and Roosevlet:

Questions For McKinley and Roosevelt:

1. How did McKinley win the election?
2. When was McKinley president?
3. What were 3 of McKinley’s personality traits?
4. How did McKinley change the presidency?
5. What war did McKinley fight in as a young man?
6. Why did people believe that gathering colonies was important?
7. What were the economic reasons for going to war with Spain?
8. Who were the Rough Riders?
9. Why was Theodore Roosevelt selected to be McKinley’s Vice President?
10. What happened in September 1901 in Buffalo?

Theodore Roosevelt:

1. When was Theodore Roosevelt President?
2. Name two of the contradictions of Roosevelt.
3. Identify three character traits of TR.
4. How much coffee did Roosevelt drink a day?
5. What helped Roosevelt be a good politician?
6. What did Roosevelt think was the biggest evil in America when he became President?
7. Why did they call him a trust buster?
8. Why did Roosevelt stop the coal strike?

Starts with Roosevelt foreign policy and then finishes up Taft:

9. Why did Roosevelt want the Panama Canal?
10. How did Roosevelt get Panama to let him build the canal?
11. Why did Roosevelt use the Monroe Doctrine?
12. What was Big Stick Diplomacy?
13. What was the Jungle about?
14. What did the Antiquities Act do?


1. When was Taft President?
2. Name three character traits about Taft.
3. Why did Taft run for president?
4. What was Taft’s dream job?
5. How were Taft and TR different?
6. What was Taft’s ultimate embarrassment?
7. What did Taft do to TR’s programs? (allegedly)
8. What happened to the friendship between Taft and TR? Why?
9. What job did Taft do after being President?

This video begins with the Election of 1912 and you are only to watch to 4:45.

Questions for Wilson:

1. Who was involved in the election of 1912?
2. How did Wilson win the White House?
3. When was Wilson President?
4. What degree did Wilson have?
5. Identify three character traits of Woodrow Wilson.
6. How did he give his state of the Union Address?
7. What was Wilson’s management style like?
8. Why did he create the Federal Reserve?
9. What happened to Wilson’s first wife in 1914?
10. What was Wilson’s response initially to WWI?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Notes on Imperialism

Notes on imperialism that we took in class this week.

Questions that went with the notes.

1. What is Imperialism?
2. Do all Empires have to have an Emperor? What constitutes an empire?
3. Who was practicing imperialism in the late 19th century?
4. Describe the Belgian solution to Imperialism.
5. What were the results of the Belgian occupation of the Congo?
6. Describe the trading situation between the US and Japan.
a. WHO:
b. What:
c. Where:
d. When:
e. Why:
7. What island did the United States become interested in the 1890s? Why?
8. Define Yellow Journalism.
9. Identify the two examples of participants in yellow journalism.
10. What President is elected in 1897?
11. What happened to the Maine and why was that important?
12. What did Hearst report happened to the Maine? What do we now know really happened?
13. Who was supposed to win the Spanish-American war? Why?
14. What was the American response once war was declared on Spain?
15. Describe what happened in the battle of San Juan Hill and who becomes a hero out of that battle.
16. Name the places America gained control after defeating the Spanish.
17. What was the big decision that McKinley had to make after defeating the Spanish? What did he decide to do and why did he decide that was the best thing to do?
18. What does the word annex mean?
19. What are the consequences of annexing the Philippines?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gatling Gun Demonstration

Here is the 1st Gatling Gun Demonstration from class.

Here is the second Gatling Gun demonstration that has a more accurate wheel design. This shows what it looks like when fired quickly and the wheel design is more accurate. This one is more modern in design than true to the period.

President Roosevelt and the Rough Riders

Roosevelt's speech to the Naval War College as Secretary of the Navy

This is the video we saw in class of San Juan Hill. Now remember that this is Hollywood's reproduction of the event and not actually what happened.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Progressives Vs Populists

The following videos are from when we talked about the Populists and the Progressives. You must watch these videos completely to be able to answer the questions.

Populists Video 1

What did people do after the civil war?
2. What happened to the price of crops then?
3. What happened to farmers as a result?
4. What happened to their costs?
5. How did the banks react to their plight?
6. What party was born as the farmers got angry?
7. What were the things they pushed for?
8. What happened in 1893?
9. What happened to the farmers after the crash?
10. What was the big political debate during that time?
11. What did the farmers want?
12. Who was the democrat in the 1896 election?
13. Who was the Republican?
14. Who was elected?
15. What did this mean for the populists?

Intro Populist Video

1. How does this video compare to the last one?
2. Which one did you learn more from?
3. What information did you learn from this video that you did not get in the first one?

Progressives Video 1

1. What was the gilded age?
2. What wealthy families enjoyed the fruits of big business?
3. What happened to most families during that time period?
4. What did People begin to do as the 20th century neared?
5. What was born out of these efforts?

Progressive Video 2

What helped the progressive movement gain momentum?
2. Where did the term muckrakers come from?
3. What did Upton Sinclair write about?
4. What did Ida Tarbell write about?
5. What did Jacob Riis write about?
6. What did Lincoln Steffens write about?
7. What did these books cause in the minds of the people?
8. What did Robert LaFolletee do to help his states standard of living?
9. What did the citizens of Galveston, TX do after their city had been destroyed by a giant wave?
10. How many cities followed their lead?
11. How did the city council government?
12. What did this system do for the people?
13. What election reforms were pushed through by Progressives in Oregon?
14. What did the 17th Amendment do?
15. What did Rockefeller say about business?
16. What kind of laws start to get proposed now in regards to children?
17. What did Progressives advocate should be done about big business?
18. When did the Federal Minimum wage finally get passed?
19. What happened 2 the Triangle Shirtwaist Company garment factory?
20. What did the Women’s Christian Temperance Union try to get accomplished?
21. What did Jane Adams start?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Frontier House Day 2

The following videos and questions are from when we watched Frontier House the second day. Again, just watch the minutes that are specified so you don't have to watch the boring parts.

Episode 2 part 1:

Part 1
1. What does the video say about the image of wagon trains?
2. What does the scenery look like out in Montana?
3. How far apart are the home sites?
4. What kinds of things were in the first cabin that was completed?
5. How much of the cabin was completed for the second family?
6. How will the younger guy have to build his cabin?
7. What was the housing solution for the families that didn’t have a cabin built?
8. How do they build the cabins?
9. How many trees were required to build the cabins?
10. How did they cook food?
11. How did they dry clothes?
12. How did they make sure the cows didn’t wander away?
13. How was the building of the log cabin going for Nate?
14. How did he get it built faster?

Episode 6 Part 1

1. How do the people look different than they did at the beginning?
2. How is life different for men and women?
3. What does this do for the relationship between the husband and wife?
4. What happens to the women’s mental state?
5. How do they transport hay?
6. Who were often the first to break social barriers between men and women?
7. How much earlier were the young women able to get the right to vote before the women in the East?

Episode 6 Part 2

8. What do they need to do for the assessment? (What do they need to have ready for the winter?)
9. How do they feel about leaving?
10. What meat do they use for the fair?
11. Why did Adrian make a flag?
12. How long did it take for Montana to get their stars added to the flag?
13. What do they do at the fair for fun?
14. What awards do they give out?
15. What kinds of things do they assess to see how they did?
16. What did they do the best at?
17. What kinds of structures did they build?
18. Why was pickling important?
19. What were some of their problems with their preparations for winter?
20. How did they make the bed work?

Episode 6 Part 3

21. Why according to the younger woman do they find abandoned cabins with breakfast dishes on the table?
22. How was the wife’s opinion of her experience different than her husbands?
23. How did the families eat dinner?
24. What did they eat as their final meal?
25. Do they want to leave at the end? Why?

Frontier House Videos And Questions Part 1

Below are the videos that went with the questions of Frontier House. Some of the videos have more information than we watched in class. You will have to figure out where we started watching by clicking on the video on the place where I specified for you. Remember I cut out the boring parts in class.

Frontier House Video Ep. 1 part 2

Episode 1 Part 2
1. What year are the families going to go back to and what important thing happened in this year?
2. Where are they going?
3. How much land was given to Homesteader’s under the Homestead Act and who could apply?
4. What percentage of the homesteaders did not stay out on the land for the required 5 years to get their land?
5. What were the roles of the men and women?
6. Give three skills that were important to the homesteaders.
7. What would be their first task upon arriving?
8. What livestock are important to the families in the period?
9. What role do the kids play on the frontier?
10. What was the average life expectancy in the 1880’s?
11. What is their only pain killer?
12. What did settlers use instead of toilet paper?
13. Why didn’t a good woman use make up in the 1880’s?

Frontier House Video Ep. 1 part 3 (Food Killing Animals)

Episode 1 part 3
14. Where did the pioneers get their meat?
15. How could you kill a chicken on the frontier?
16. How do the people react to the killing of the chicken?
17. What kinds of supplies or things that would be used in the house?
18. How long is the food supposed to last the people?
19. Why is the milk cow important to the people on the frontier?

Frontiner House video Ep. 1 part 4 Phsycial transformation and wagon train journey (for some reason this video would not imbed into the blog. Please, highlight the link and open in a new window)

Episode 1 Part 4
20. What attracted Homesteaders to the land out west?
21. What kind of situation is the first family in when they arrive?
22. What kind of situation are the second guy and his Dad in when they arrive?
23. What kind of situation is the third family going to be in when they arrive?
24. What does their appearance look like when they dress up to take their pictures?

Frontier House Video Ep. 1 part 5 Final part them together

Episode 1 part 5
28. How did the Homesteaders travel to their destinations?
29. What is their biggest challenge before they leave?
30. What beverages were available to the pioneers?
31. What happens to one carriage as they start out?
32. Since most of them can’t fit on the wagon, how do most of them get to their destination?
33. What is their second challenge? How do they solve the problem?
34. What do they try to do for dinner? Are they successful?
35. What happens to Conner?

Buffalo Video and General Custer

This is the usefulness of the Buffalo video. This video includes how the indians used every piece of the Buffalo to survive. We watched this while we read about General Custer and the Indians.

Introduction to Mr. Schwarten's Video and Lessons

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