Friday, October 7, 2011

Frontier House Day 2

The following videos and questions are from when we watched Frontier House the second day. Again, just watch the minutes that are specified so you don't have to watch the boring parts.

Episode 2 part 1:

Part 1
1. What does the video say about the image of wagon trains?
2. What does the scenery look like out in Montana?
3. How far apart are the home sites?
4. What kinds of things were in the first cabin that was completed?
5. How much of the cabin was completed for the second family?
6. How will the younger guy have to build his cabin?
7. What was the housing solution for the families that didn’t have a cabin built?
8. How do they build the cabins?
9. How many trees were required to build the cabins?
10. How did they cook food?
11. How did they dry clothes?
12. How did they make sure the cows didn’t wander away?
13. How was the building of the log cabin going for Nate?
14. How did he get it built faster?

Episode 6 Part 1

1. How do the people look different than they did at the beginning?
2. How is life different for men and women?
3. What does this do for the relationship between the husband and wife?
4. What happens to the women’s mental state?
5. How do they transport hay?
6. Who were often the first to break social barriers between men and women?
7. How much earlier were the young women able to get the right to vote before the women in the East?

Episode 6 Part 2

8. What do they need to do for the assessment? (What do they need to have ready for the winter?)
9. How do they feel about leaving?
10. What meat do they use for the fair?
11. Why did Adrian make a flag?
12. How long did it take for Montana to get their stars added to the flag?
13. What do they do at the fair for fun?
14. What awards do they give out?
15. What kinds of things do they assess to see how they did?
16. What did they do the best at?
17. What kinds of structures did they build?
18. Why was pickling important?
19. What were some of their problems with their preparations for winter?
20. How did they make the bed work?

Episode 6 Part 3

21. Why according to the younger woman do they find abandoned cabins with breakfast dishes on the table?
22. How was the wife’s opinion of her experience different than her husbands?
23. How did the families eat dinner?
24. What did they eat as their final meal?
25. Do they want to leave at the end? Why?

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