Friday, October 7, 2011

Frontier House Videos And Questions Part 1

Below are the videos that went with the questions of Frontier House. Some of the videos have more information than we watched in class. You will have to figure out where we started watching by clicking on the video on the place where I specified for you. Remember I cut out the boring parts in class.

Frontier House Video Ep. 1 part 2

Episode 1 Part 2
1. What year are the families going to go back to and what important thing happened in this year?
2. Where are they going?
3. How much land was given to Homesteader’s under the Homestead Act and who could apply?
4. What percentage of the homesteaders did not stay out on the land for the required 5 years to get their land?
5. What were the roles of the men and women?
6. Give three skills that were important to the homesteaders.
7. What would be their first task upon arriving?
8. What livestock are important to the families in the period?
9. What role do the kids play on the frontier?
10. What was the average life expectancy in the 1880’s?
11. What is their only pain killer?
12. What did settlers use instead of toilet paper?
13. Why didn’t a good woman use make up in the 1880’s?

Frontier House Video Ep. 1 part 3 (Food Killing Animals)

Episode 1 part 3
14. Where did the pioneers get their meat?
15. How could you kill a chicken on the frontier?
16. How do the people react to the killing of the chicken?
17. What kinds of supplies or things that would be used in the house?
18. How long is the food supposed to last the people?
19. Why is the milk cow important to the people on the frontier?

Frontiner House video Ep. 1 part 4 Phsycial transformation and wagon train journey (for some reason this video would not imbed into the blog. Please, highlight the link and open in a new window)

Episode 1 Part 4
20. What attracted Homesteaders to the land out west?
21. What kind of situation is the first family in when they arrive?
22. What kind of situation are the second guy and his Dad in when they arrive?
23. What kind of situation is the third family going to be in when they arrive?
24. What does their appearance look like when they dress up to take their pictures?

Frontier House Video Ep. 1 part 5 Final part them together

Episode 1 part 5
28. How did the Homesteaders travel to their destinations?
29. What is their biggest challenge before they leave?
30. What beverages were available to the pioneers?
31. What happens to one carriage as they start out?
32. Since most of them can’t fit on the wagon, how do most of them get to their destination?
33. What is their second challenge? How do they solve the problem?
34. What do they try to do for dinner? Are they successful?
35. What happens to Conner?

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