Friday, October 14, 2011

Progressives Vs Populists

The following videos are from when we talked about the Populists and the Progressives. You must watch these videos completely to be able to answer the questions.

Populists Video 1

What did people do after the civil war?
2. What happened to the price of crops then?
3. What happened to farmers as a result?
4. What happened to their costs?
5. How did the banks react to their plight?
6. What party was born as the farmers got angry?
7. What were the things they pushed for?
8. What happened in 1893?
9. What happened to the farmers after the crash?
10. What was the big political debate during that time?
11. What did the farmers want?
12. Who was the democrat in the 1896 election?
13. Who was the Republican?
14. Who was elected?
15. What did this mean for the populists?

Intro Populist Video

1. How does this video compare to the last one?
2. Which one did you learn more from?
3. What information did you learn from this video that you did not get in the first one?

Progressives Video 1

1. What was the gilded age?
2. What wealthy families enjoyed the fruits of big business?
3. What happened to most families during that time period?
4. What did People begin to do as the 20th century neared?
5. What was born out of these efforts?

Progressive Video 2

What helped the progressive movement gain momentum?
2. Where did the term muckrakers come from?
3. What did Upton Sinclair write about?
4. What did Ida Tarbell write about?
5. What did Jacob Riis write about?
6. What did Lincoln Steffens write about?
7. What did these books cause in the minds of the people?
8. What did Robert LaFolletee do to help his states standard of living?
9. What did the citizens of Galveston, TX do after their city had been destroyed by a giant wave?
10. How many cities followed their lead?
11. How did the city council government?
12. What did this system do for the people?
13. What election reforms were pushed through by Progressives in Oregon?
14. What did the 17th Amendment do?
15. What did Rockefeller say about business?
16. What kind of laws start to get proposed now in regards to children?
17. What did Progressives advocate should be done about big business?
18. When did the Federal Minimum wage finally get passed?
19. What happened 2 the Triangle Shirtwaist Company garment factory?
20. What did the Women’s Christian Temperance Union try to get accomplished?
21. What did Jane Adams start?

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