Tuesday, November 8, 2011

US Presidents Video McKinley - Wilson

These videos are the Presidents videos that we watched during class on WIlliam McKinely, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wislon. Watch only the parts specified:

Video one on McKinley and Roosevlet:

Questions For McKinley and Roosevelt:

1. How did McKinley win the election?
2. When was McKinley president?
3. What were 3 of McKinley’s personality traits?
4. How did McKinley change the presidency?
5. What war did McKinley fight in as a young man?
6. Why did people believe that gathering colonies was important?
7. What were the economic reasons for going to war with Spain?
8. Who were the Rough Riders?
9. Why was Theodore Roosevelt selected to be McKinley’s Vice President?
10. What happened in September 1901 in Buffalo?

Theodore Roosevelt:

1. When was Theodore Roosevelt President?
2. Name two of the contradictions of Roosevelt.
3. Identify three character traits of TR.
4. How much coffee did Roosevelt drink a day?
5. What helped Roosevelt be a good politician?
6. What did Roosevelt think was the biggest evil in America when he became President?
7. Why did they call him a trust buster?
8. Why did Roosevelt stop the coal strike?

Starts with Roosevelt foreign policy and then finishes up Taft:

9. Why did Roosevelt want the Panama Canal?
10. How did Roosevelt get Panama to let him build the canal?
11. Why did Roosevelt use the Monroe Doctrine?
12. What was Big Stick Diplomacy?
13. What was the Jungle about?
14. What did the Antiquities Act do?


1. When was Taft President?
2. Name three character traits about Taft.
3. Why did Taft run for president?
4. What was Taft’s dream job?
5. How were Taft and TR different?
6. What was Taft’s ultimate embarrassment?
7. What did Taft do to TR’s programs? (allegedly)
8. What happened to the friendship between Taft and TR? Why?
9. What job did Taft do after being President?

This video begins with the Election of 1912 and you are only to watch to 4:45.

Questions for Wilson:

1. Who was involved in the election of 1912?
2. How did Wilson win the White House?
3. When was Wilson President?
4. What degree did Wilson have?
5. Identify three character traits of Woodrow Wilson.
6. How did he give his state of the Union Address?
7. What was Wilson’s management style like?
8. Why did he create the Federal Reserve?
9. What happened to Wilson’s first wife in 1914?
10. What was Wilson’s response initially to WWI?

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