Wednesday, February 15, 2012

HItler's Final Days

This is a clip from the movie Downfall.  Watch to notice what happens to Hitler’s mental state and how he interacts with people.  After this scence Hitler marries the girl that he kisses, who is his girlfriend Eva Braun.  Once they are married they both take cyanide and Hitler shoots himself in the temple. 

After he died some soldiers burned a body of Hitler, but it has been reported that that was a Double who only looked like him to throw off the Soviets.  Some Soviet soldiers were told that they had burried Hitler's body after Stalin had looke dover the body.  (Remember, Stalin is a maniac as well and wants revenge on Hitler)  In the late 1990's historians tried to dig up the box that should have contained Hitler, but when they opened the box it was empty.  There are also other reports that parts of Hitler's bones were kept in the Kremlin archives, sine Stalin kept them as a trophy.  However, people are not sure if those are really Hitler.  That is part of the reason that people kept reporting him alive years after WWII had ended. 

Operation Valkyrie

The British supplied some members of the Nazi inner circle with bomb material to kill Hitler and his right hand men.  The following video is what I showed in class.  Only watch the Following parts:

Part 1:  Watch 5:17 - End

Part 2:  Watch Start- 7:01

BBC Links for European Theater

Here are the BBC Links for the European Theater that I used in class to show you the Italian Campaign, the Battle of the Bulge, the African Campaign, and D-Day.  All you have to do is click start on map and it will begin the animation.  The Battle of the Bulge animation, click begin essay, and then click on the individual dates that will show you what happens on each day.

African Campaign:

Italian Campaign:

1st Map:

2nd Map:

Battle of the Bulge:

Friday, February 10, 2012

Pearl Harbor Battle

Here is the clip of Pearl Harbor that we used to learn about the attack on Pearl Harbor.  There is more on here than what I showed in class in case you wanted to know

Look for the strategies the Japanese used to attack the harbor.  The attack began @ 7:00 AM.   

Stage 1:  Bomb the ships.  Each pilot had a picture of the ship they were supposed to bomb and the fighters were equiped with torpedos.  The bombs were made to pierce the armor of the ships and when the little propeller on the back stopped they exploded, since that was the timer that caused that to happen.

Stage 2:  Bomb the planes so they can't shoot down the Japanese planes. 

Stage 3:  Bomb repair facilities.  The Japanese commander Yamamoto decided that they had done enough damage that day and no longer had teh element of surprise, which prompted him to call off this phase of the attack.  Had they done this the ships would have all had to be towed back to California to be repaired, hindering America's ability to strike back quickly.  When it was all over Yamamoto said, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."

part I:
Begin watching @ 0:40-end

Part II:
Whole clip

Part III: (Whole Clip)

Part IV: Stop @ 7:10

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

HItler Attacks the Soviet Union Videos

Here Is the video we watched in class about Germany Invading the Soviet Union. 

Here are some other Videos that show the German offensive into Russia.  I didn't show them in class but they will help further your learning.

Footage of the battle of Stalingrad music video:

The Germans in Stalingrad: 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Battle of Britain

Edward R Murrow's description of the city with sirens going off

Video with some photos of the bombing and aftermath:


Why We fight Boming of Britian footage:

Dunkirk and Invasion of France

Here is the link that shows how Dunkirk happened and is provided by the BBC.

Appeasement Video

Here is the appeasement video in case you did not understand what was happening in class.

Remember they tried to appease Hitler to make him happy so he would stop trying to push people around.  Instead he became emboldened like a bully on the playground asking for more, until someone decided to fight him. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Holocaust: The Story of the Family Weiss

Part 1 2/412:37-15:11 and 16:30-17:30 only

Episode 1 pt 3/4 3:38- 4:30; and 15:15-17:00 only

Episode 2 part 1/4 Watch 12:31-14:40; 15:17-19:14;

 Episode 2 part 3/4 0:27- 1:11;

  Episode 2 part 4/4 4:00-5:41; 9:10-11:05; and 15:00-20:44;19;10- end only.

Episode 2 Part 2/4 17:50-19:05; 19:18-24:55

Episode 3 Part 1/4 17:31 to end

Episode 3 part 2/4 Watch 23:04- 23:50 and 2:10-4:04

Episode 4 2/4 Watch 0:00-2:30 and 20:25-end

Episode 4 3/4 Watch only 0:00-1:15

Episode 4 4/4 0:00- 1:15 and 6:46-11:21

Episode 5 2/3 Watch 9:33-11:33; 12:40-16:40; 19:36-24:18

Episode 5 3/3 Watch 5:24-9:59 and 17:33-21:14

Hitler and the Nazification of Germany

Here are the videos that we watched in class today on Hitler and the Nazification of Germany. Hitler Speaking to the Workers: Some More of the Hitler Speech hinting to needing more "Breathing Room": Jesse Owens Shows up Hitler's Master race in the 1936 Olympics: