Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Practice Quiz # 1

Test of the Practice Quiz I made online. Just seeing if this is a viable way to let the kids practice at home.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Some Online Games to help you with the Concepts of Government

This is a link that will take you to a place where you can play some of the games we used in class to explain the different parts of our government and how they work. http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/usa_game/government/index.htm

Checks and Balances

Facts of Congress: Checks and Balances: 1. What was our country founded upon? 2. What does Congress do? 3. How does the President check the power of Congress? 4. How does Congress check the power of the Judicial Branch? 5. What is the system of power sharing called?

The Three Branches of Government

Facts of Congress: The Three Branches 1. How many branches does our Government have? 2. What branch includes the President? 3. What does the President do? 4. What branch includes Congress? 5. What is the main function of congress? 6. What branch includes the court system? 7. What is the Ultimate judge of the land?


Facts of Congress: Federalism 1. What are the 3 layers of the cake? 2. What does local government do? 3. What does State government do? 4. What does the federal government do? 5. What is Federalism?

Federal Powers Vs State Powers

Federal Powers Vs State Powers 1. What are 3 of the powers of Federal powers man? 2. What are 3 powers of Sates Rights Man? 3. What are some of powers of Concurrent Powers Woman?

The House of Representatives

Facts of Congress: The House of Representatives 1. What is one of the bodies that are part of what we call Congress? 2. What is the purpose of the House of Representatives? 3. How are Representatives elected in the House? 4. Name an example of a sate with lots of Reps. 5. Name a state with few Reps. 6. How often do the Congressmen have to run for reelection?

The Senate

Facts of Congress: The Senate 1. What was the purpose of the Senate? 2. What is the Senate supposed to be like? 3. How many Senators? 4. Why is the senate unique? (Name 2)

How a Bill becomes a law.

The facts of Congress Video on how a Bill Becomes a law. Facts of Congress: How a Bill becomes a law 1. What is a bill? 2. What is the first step in a bill becoming a law? 3. What happens in the committee? 4. Once the bill leaves committee what must happen to it then? 5. What happens after it leaves the Senate and the House of Representatives? 6. What is the bill called after the President approves it?

What are the Bill of Rights? + a little History

What are the Bill of Rights? Plus a little history. I included the Questions from your sheet. Just the Facts: Bill of Rights 1. What are the 1st Ten Amendments to the constitution called? 2. Did the founding fathers believe that the Bill of Rights were necessary? 3. Name three of the founding Fathers that did believe in the Bill of Right. 4. What was the first state to adopt a Bill of Rights after the war with Br.?

Bill of Rights Song

Bill of Rights Song See if you can pick out the Amendments in the Bill of Rights song. I will play it several times to see if you can get them.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Constitutional Convention: Charlie Brown Style

Here is an explanation of Constitutional Convention by the peanuts Gang. It shows how hard the process of the debating was that took place. It has your characters that we used in the simulation and should be recognizable to you as well. If you didn't understand our simulation in class, hopefully this will help you understand what happened at the convention.