Friday, October 3, 2014

The Enlightenment


1.  When did the Enlightenment take place?
2. What does the word enlightenment mean?
3. What does the word reason mean?
4. Name three academic areas that were inspired during this time period.
5. What did Bacon Believe?
6. Name the three basic principles that Bacon based his studies on.
7. What did Descartes believe was needed for humanity to advance?
8. What was the Scientific Method?
9. How long had Jamestown and Plymouth existed when Newton was born?
10. When did the English Civil War take place?
11. Why did Newton leave the city and go into the countryside to work?
12. What kind of mathematics did Newton invent?
13. What was Newton inspired when the apple fell from the tree?
14. What other sciences grew during this period?
15. What tool helped biology grow?
16. What did Hooke discover?
17. What did William Harvey discover?
18. What did Linnaeus create during this period?
19. What were natural philosophers?
20. What is a philosopher?
21. What did John Locke mean when he said the consent of the governed?
22. What were John Locke’s 3 basic rights?
23. What other 4 rights did Locke also talk about in his paper?
24. What did Voltaire say was most important?
25. What did Montesquieu say was important about government?
26. What two documents were inspired by the ideas of The Enlightenment?

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