Monday, December 14, 2015

American Political Parties Advertisement (ADV)

For your advertisement project you need to do the following:

1.  Complete T-Chart using textbook on the two early American Political Parties.

Use page 270-271 to write down the differences between the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists.



Use pages 338-341 to write down the differences between the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans. 


2.  Create the Early American Political Parties Advertisement

Federalists and Democratic-Republican Campaign Poster Project
Directions:  You are going to create posters in partner groups regarding the political parties of early America.

1.    Fold the paper in half and have two: One per party.

2.   There needs to be a large picture on each side.

3.   You need to try to make people vote for your party. 
a.   Include party all candidates/famous members of the party
b.   Include 4 elements of the party platform
c.    3 Reasons why they should not vote for the other party
d.   Their interpretation of how the Constitution should be read and understood

4.   Origins of the party:  3 facts about where they stood on the constitution (federalists/anti-federalists)

5.   Include a reference of support from local newspapers

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Myths of George Washington (Cherry Tree and Teeth)

Below I have links to two of the most popular George Washington myths for clarification.  I thought some of you might enjoy learning about each of these in your spare time.  Both articles are from Mount Vernon and the 1st one has a video that explain how GW's teeth were built. 


Cherry Tree Myth and where it came from:

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Was the Constitution Pro or Anti-Slavery as it was written in 1787?

For HW you are to complete the packet on the Constitution and Slavery.

Due: 12-10-15

Complete Step 3 first:
1.Complete the organizer
2.Write in the claim that each author made.
3.Write in two to three pieces of evidence (quotes and paraphrase) by each historian.

4.  Write in your own personal opinion.  

If you need help with the sources they are below:

Against Sanders
With Sanders


Fill out the organizer that answers the question completely.  

1.  Take a side and complete the organizer.
2.You must use one of the historians as a source.
3.You also must use  the constitution as a source. ( think 3/5 compromise)  

4.Thesis statement. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Abigail Adams Primary Documents Question

After completing the packet of letters from Abigail Adams, complete the following assignment:

Answer the question in a well developed paragraph.  

How does Abigail Adams's famous appeal to "Remember the Ladies" reflect the status of women in eighteenth-century America?  

Each paragraph needs to have the following elements:

1.  3 Pronged thesis statement that answers the question.

     Ex:  Abigail Adams believed women to be underprivileged, unequal to, and in many cases abused by men in American society.  

2.  Three supports that explain thesis.  

3.  Should be 5-6 sentences.  

4.  Do not use the words "I think" or I in any way.  

5.  Should be written on back of Glossary Page.  

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Bill of Rights

(Hum only.  Adv we have moved on.)

Watch the following videos for HW (Due 12/2/15) and answer the questions that go with each one.  I want to do an activity that requires you to have the knowledge about The Bill of Rights.  This will allow us to have a rich discussion in class on 12/2/15.  Answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper.  

Just the Facts: Bill of Rights
1.  What are the 1st Ten Amendments to the constitution called?
2. Did the founding fathers believe that the Bill of Rights were necessary?
3. Name three of the founding Fathers that did believe in the Bill of Rights.
4. What was the first state to adopt a Bill of Rights after the war with Br.?

Bill of Rights Song

5.  Listen to the song and write down each Amendment.  
6.  What Amendment do you believe is the most important to Americans today?  Explain.  

Advanced Topics For Constitution Summative Quiz

The Framers and the Constitution Exam Study Guide

-Some information about the Framers and the role they played in writing the constitution

-Parts of the constitution: 

-Preamble, Articles, etc

-The 3 branches:

-Executive, Legislative, and Judicial

-The roles they all play in the process of making a law

-How they all work and the parts that make them work (Ex:  legislative branch is made up of congress that has 2 parts the house and the senate)

-The Cabinet

-Supreme Court and the role it plays

-How a bill becomes a law

Federalism:  Balance of power between the states and the federal government

Separation of Powers: 

                -Federal Powers

                -State Powers

                -Expressed powers

                -Implied powers

                -reserved powers

                -Denied Powers

Checks and balances of the Branches

Bill of Rights

Monday, November 23, 2015

3 Branches of Govt Videos

3 Branches of Govt

Judicial Branch

Executive Branch

House of Reps

The Senate

How A Bill Becomes A Law

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

ADV: Separation of Powers, Federalism, Checks and Balances

Separation of Powers:

Facts of Congress: Federalism

1. What are the 3 layers of the cake?
2. What does local government do?
3. What does State government do?
4. What does the federal government do?
5. What is Federalism?

Federal Powers Vs State Powers

1.  What are 3 of the powers of Federal powers man?
2.  What are 3 powers of Sates Rights Man?
3.  What are some of powers of Concurrent Powers Woman?

Facts of Congress: Checks and Balances

1. What was our country founded upon?
2. What does Congress do?
3. How does the President check the power of Congress?
4. How does Congress check the power of the Judicial Branch?

5. What is the system of power sharing called?

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Constitutional Convention HW

For HW today:

Select two of the Framers from the Constitutional Convention and do a little research on each one so you are prepared when you come into class to begin working on the Constitutional Convention simulation.

Link to Google Doc:

Link to Framers page that has info on each one:

To turn in you can either print out or make a copy and share the copy with me.

Mr Schwarten

Monday, November 9, 2015

ADV Early America SOLE Resources

We are going to be doing a SOLE (Self Organized Learning Environment) activity that will help students make their own pathways to the events of the early formation of the United States.

Here is a video that chronicles Mr. Mitra's findings:

Here is an abbreviated version of Shays' Rebellion in a video for you in case you did not understand.

Here are a couple videos that can help you understand the Articles of Confederation.

Here is a video about the Northwest Ordinance that you can use in your research.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

American Values Gallery Walk

You can use this PPT to finish the gallery walk if you did not finish. 

When you finish the gallery walk and get all of the notes, you are to write a half page short story. 


1.After you are done write a half page short story using all 8 values/vocabulary words. 
2.Please underline or highlight the terms/examples you use.
3. When done please turn in notes and story stapled together.   

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Articles of Confederation Activity

Here is the link to the document about the Articles of Confederation (Special Thanks to Colonial Williamsburg for the resource):

Link to capture sheet:

Part I:
Confederation:  A loose alliance of states for the common defense.  Usually, the National government is weaker than the State governments.

1. Look at the student friendly Articles of Confederation I gave you in class and fill out the organizer's 3 sections.  Remember, you are looking for the Powers of the States and the National Government.

You are also to write in the weaknesses of the Articles as well.  Here they are below:

On the back of the sheet and after discussing with your table group:

2. Analyze the cartoon in a short 3 sentence paragraph.

Part II:  Still on back of sheet:

3.  Write down 5 new Articles that could improve the document you just read and provide a rational for each one.

4.  Remove 3 things from the document to make the government more effective and provide a rational for each one.  You do not have to remove the whole Article and may do a line item veto to make them stronger.  Make sure you reference where you are striking out and give the rational.

This will be a graded formative assignment.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pop Culture References From Mr Schwarten's Day

Remember To keep in mind that Pop Culture is always shifting and changing over time.  Below are the notes we had in class today.

Due to popular request, here are some reminders from Mr Schwarten's days back in in 1990's.  I was a little young for some of these things, but they were the most prominent things that I liked to do back then.

JNCO Jeans (This is not me, but everyone says this guy looks like me)

Music: (These were some of my favorites)

Image result for weezer blue album
This album was the 1st one I ever bought...  On a cassette tape...  The world has surely changed.

Smashing Pumpkins

This movie came out in 1993, but was hugely popular.  Most people would probably put Titanic here, but I still have never seen that movie to this day. 

This was the most popular movie from my high school years
Skating was a huge part of my life in middle school.  The picture below sums up a lot of the fashions and the baggy clothes for guys.  

Image result for 1990s rollerblading grindingExample of some of the roller blades I used.

During this time Skating was deemed a destructive activity and may people got angry with me and my friends back then.  Once communities created skate parks the issue resolve itself.  So this is an example of the community solving a problem by spending some public funds.  I remember it being very controversial, but it has solved the problem for my parents community for years.  

Anyway, these are all things that I used to be a part of and things changed over time for me.  Pop culture changes over time and will for you as well.  Remember that pop culture and national culture sometimes merge and sometimes they change.  

Enjoy your day!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Review Concepts For Unit Exam

These are the concepts that will be covered on the Unit 1 Exam.

1.  Mercantilism (Maps and understanding of Application, Slave Trade)
2.  Colonial Map and the regions (Think Dutch influence and history of the 3 regions)
3.  Social Contract
4.  French and Indian War
5. Navigation Acts
6.  Sugar Act
7.  Stamp Act
8.  Lexington and Concord
9.  Boston Massacre
10.  Declaration of Independence
11.  Valley Forge
12.  Articles of Confederation
13. American Strengths during the Revolution
14.  Immigration Over Time
15.  American military Advantages during the war.
16.  George Washington's Leadership During the War
17.  Information about battles and the life of a soldier during the war.
18.  Boston Tea Party
19.  Battle of Saratoga and Yorktown

Friday, October 2, 2015

French and Indian War (George Washington)

The French and Indian War and George Washington's Role in the War.

Monday, September 21, 2015

13 Colonies PPT

Here is the 13 Colonies Power Point to complete your homework.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

C-SPAN's Student Cam Project

Below are links to the C-SPAN project this year: 

This will take you to the main page:
Getting Started Videos:
Downloading C-SPAN Footage:

Friday, September 11, 2015

Realized that Twitter handle was off

HI all,

I just wanted to put the twitter feed on a page on the blog for you all.  I somehow confused my name on twitter with my twitter handle.  The twitter handle is MrSchwartenUSH.  Twitter wouldn't let me keep typing in letters so I had to cut it off.  If you are looking for me and would like to follow along in the class here is the link to the page  

This is what you should see on the page.  So far it is pretty modest. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Flipped Classroom

This year I am going to be using the flipped classroom model as much as possible.  Below is a nice quick video that explains the flipped classroom model and the theory behind it.  This is not a model where the teacher shows videos and then just kind of hangs out.  At home the students watch the video or get the basic definitions and then come into class to apply the knowledge.  I am excited about working with this model this year.  Not everything I do will be done this way, but it will be some thing that I am going to try.  I also am asking that everyone be patient as I work this out and figure out what is an optimal amount of time for HW.

Monday, September 7, 2015

The Island At The center of the World (HUM)

Over the summer you read The Island at the Center of the World by Russel Shorto.  This book brings to light some things that were previously ignored in general narrative of American History.

(Mr Schwarten Does Not Affiliate Link on this Blog.  I just thought I would provide a link for the author who worked so hard on his book.  In the internet world when you share and help each other out good things happen.)

Below are the four video clips that need to be watched for HW before Tuesday's class for discussion. Use the sheet to guide your thinking as you watch.

Video 1: Why don’t Americans know their own Dutch History?

1.                    Do you feel Shorto’s assessment of what Americans know about early American history is accurate?  Explain.

2.                   Why has this period been left out of the historical narrative regarding American History and why are we looking at it now?  Does this matter?  Explain.

Video 2: What’s left of New Amsterdam in Lower Manhattan?

1.                   What is the main idea of this video?

2.                   Write down 3 bullets of information that you think is important.

 3.                   Write down 2 questions you may have about this video to share in class. 

Below is a link to the map that they use to point things out.  Keep an eye out when you travel to NYC in October!

Video 3: A Forgotten American Founding Father:  Adriaan van der Donck

1.                   What is the main idea of this video?

2.                   Write down 3 bullets of information that you think is important.

3.                   Write down 2 questions you may have about this video to share in class. 

Video 4:  How New Amsterdam Influenced America

1.                   What is the main idea of this video?

2.                   Write down 3 bullets of information that you think is important.

3.                   Write down 2 questions you may have about this video to share in class.

4.                   As A media student, what did you think of these videos as a vehicle for history?  Design?  Etc.  Write down anything that comes to mind.