Thursday, September 10, 2015

Flipped Classroom

This year I am going to be using the flipped classroom model as much as possible.  Below is a nice quick video that explains the flipped classroom model and the theory behind it.  This is not a model where the teacher shows videos and then just kind of hangs out.  At home the students watch the video or get the basic definitions and then come into class to apply the knowledge.  I am excited about working with this model this year.  Not everything I do will be done this way, but it will be some thing that I am going to try.  I also am asking that everyone be patient as I work this out and figure out what is an optimal amount of time for HW.

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  1. The flipped classroom, otherwise called the rearranged classroom, is quickly getting on as expanding quantities of educators start to explore different avenues regarding this better approach for teaching anyways you are uploading such an informative video on your blog infect I have also share your video at for our students.