Monday, October 26, 2015

Review Concepts For Unit Exam

These are the concepts that will be covered on the Unit 1 Exam.

1.  Mercantilism (Maps and understanding of Application, Slave Trade)
2.  Colonial Map and the regions (Think Dutch influence and history of the 3 regions)
3.  Social Contract
4.  French and Indian War
5. Navigation Acts
6.  Sugar Act
7.  Stamp Act
8.  Lexington and Concord
9.  Boston Massacre
10.  Declaration of Independence
11.  Valley Forge
12.  Articles of Confederation
13. American Strengths during the Revolution
14.  Immigration Over Time
15.  American military Advantages during the war.
16.  George Washington's Leadership During the War
17.  Information about battles and the life of a soldier during the war.
18.  Boston Tea Party
19.  Battle of Saratoga and Yorktown

Friday, October 2, 2015

French and Indian War (George Washington)

The French and Indian War and George Washington's Role in the War.