Monday, December 7, 2015

Abigail Adams Primary Documents Question

After completing the packet of letters from Abigail Adams, complete the following assignment:

Answer the question in a well developed paragraph.  

How does Abigail Adams's famous appeal to "Remember the Ladies" reflect the status of women in eighteenth-century America?  

Each paragraph needs to have the following elements:

1.  3 Pronged thesis statement that answers the question.

     Ex:  Abigail Adams believed women to be underprivileged, unequal to, and in many cases abused by men in American society.  

2.  Three supports that explain thesis.  

3.  Should be 5-6 sentences.  

4.  Do not use the words "I think" or I in any way.  

5.  Should be written on back of Glossary Page.  

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