Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Was the Constitution Pro or Anti-Slavery as it was written in 1787?

For HW you are to complete the packet on the Constitution and Slavery.

Due: 12-10-15

Complete Step 3 first:
1.Complete the organizer
2.Write in the claim that each author made.
3.Write in two to three pieces of evidence (quotes and paraphrase) by each historian.

4.  Write in your own personal opinion.  

If you need help with the sources they are below:

Against Sanders
With Sanders


Fill out the organizer that answers the question completely.  

1.  Take a side and complete the organizer.
2.You must use one of the historians as a source.
3.You also must use  the constitution as a source. ( think 3/5 compromise)  

4.Thesis statement. 

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