Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Road to Civil War

Here are videos on

Wilmot Proviso:

Compromise of 1850: 

Fugitive Slave Act and Uncle Tom's Cabin  

Kansas Nebraska Act

Dred Scott Case:

Lincoln-Douglas Debates

John Green on The Road to Civil War

Monday, April 4, 2016

Unit 3 Review Materials

Attached to this link is a study guide that will help you study.  

Below are some of the materials we used this quarter to help you learn about different things.

You should also look through your AJ Dossier Materials to help you study as well.  The textbook is also a great resource if you are having trouble remembering things.

Basic Notes on AJ
AJ on the National Bank and Nullification
Native American Resistance
Trail of Tears
American Regions
Formation of the United States
Western Movement Videos on how things work
Missouri Compromise
Slavery Webquest Materials