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Citizenship Guide Research and Rubric

Rubric for US Citizenship Guide
You are going to use the research you did on the civics topics to create a citizenship guide.  To help people learn about the US Government.  Choose as a group 1 of the following formats:
1.        Book created and printed as a PDF so I can be distributed online. ( You can use word templates, publisher, etc) 
2.       A website/Blogger Blog.
Each person is responsible for the following related to their content: 
1.       2-3 pages organized in a creative way to explain your topic. (30/30)
a.       (This can include graphics, written explanations, etc.  If creating the web content then you need the page number equivalent.)     
2.       Must have 3 examples that are from the modern day or from history.
a.       (Think ways to help people learn the content.)  (15/15)
3.       Must have 2 original images that are created by you to explain your topic. (20/20)
a.       These can be electronic or drawn by hand and scanned into the book. 
4.       One page that has a learning activity that is engaging and helps people learn the content. (15/15)
a.       (Can be quizzes, matching, fill in the blank, organizers, etc. If you create this online and put it in the PDF you must have a link to the activity so people can travel to the online destination.  It needs to have at least 15 questions with two tiers of hardness.  This is how the person using your book will practice what they have learned)  
5.       Total: 80/80 Possible Points.

As group each person much choose 1 of these jobs:
1.        Illustrator: (20/20)
a.       This person will create the cover art design for the final book and 3 other images that will help lead the reader into different sections of the book.  Can be hand drawn or done electronically. 

2.       Editor:  (20/20)
a.        Proof Read the book to make sure there are no errors and will create the table of contents and the works cited page, make sure the page numbers are all squared away, and will approve the final layout of the book, write an introduction to the book that is 1 page long double spaced.  (This should be decided up by the group, but if there is a conflict the editor makes the final determination.)  The Editor is also responsible for writing a 1 page introduction to the book that has the following in it:

                                                               i.      Explain the purpose of the book and how this book will prepare them for citizenship
                                                             ii.      What the reader will find inside.
                                                            iii.      Acknowledges those who inspired and worked on the book.  (No Last Names Used!)  

3.       Quiz Master:  (20/20)

a.       Will survey the material and create a final 21 question quiz that has three tiers of questions in terms of difficulty and has a key to help people once they are done checking to see how they did (7 Each).  Think of a final test that a teacher could give that has questions about the whole guide. (If you create the PDF and include an electronic game you created you must have a link to the quiz)

Topics for Research to Create Citizenship Guides
History Section: (One Person of the group of 3)
-The documents that lead up to the US Constitution and the principles that come out of these documents.    
                -Magana Carta (1215)
                -English Bill of Rights (1689)
                -The Mayflower Compact (1620)
                -Declaration of Independence (1776)
                -The Virginia Constitution (1776)
                -The Articles of Confederation (1781)
-Information about the Constitutional Convention and who attended, goals/Issues of the convention, location, etc. 

The Anatomy of the Constitution (What is where within the document): (One Person of the group of 3)
                -Preamble (Explain its significance and why they were writing a new document)
                -Anatomy/Structure, Short Summaries, How is it divided up into articles, etc?
                -Explain in General the Bill of Rights
                -Compare the Constitution to the Articles of Confederation
-What is Ratification? (Define)
-What was required for the document to become approved? 

Electing the President (One Person of the group of 3)
Electoral College
                -How does it work?
                -History of how many times it has gotten a different result than the popular vote
-History of why it was chosen over other methods and why it is a different system than the way we vote for our congressional representatives.    

3 Branches of Government (Each Person Selects 1 of the Following Topics)
-Executive Branch
-Role of the President
Judicial Branch
                                -Levels of the court
                                -Supreme Court
                                -Basics of Criminal Law
Legislative Branch
                                -How a bill becomes a law
                                -How each chamber is divided and works
       -How many members are in each chamber?

The American System of Dividing Power (Each Person Selects 1 of the Following Topics)
-Separation of Powers
                                -Different Types of Governments that have been tried in the past
                                -Define and Explain: Unitary, Federalism, Empires, Confederations Govts.
                                -How are issues of sovereignty settled?

-What were the Framers fears about their new government?  How did they work together to ensure the government power was distributed?

                                -What is Federalism?
                                -What are expressed, implied, and inherent powers?
                                - What are reserved powers?
                                -What are denied powers?

                -Checks and Balances
                                Define Checks and balances.
                                -How does checks and balances work in the legislative Branch?
                                -How does it work between the branches?

-How is power separated and flow from one thing to another? (This is usually done with a flow chart and an explanation of how it works) 

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