Thursday, January 25, 2018

Indian Removal and The Trail of Tears

Here is the Indian Removal Act video clip from class.  This tells the story about Jackson's ability to remove the Indians west of the Mississippi River.

The Trail of Tears:

Pontiac's Rebellion

1.  Watch the movie about Pontiac's Rebellion and answer the questions 1-12 on your sheet.

Canal Songs for Warm Ups

Monroe Doctrine

Use this for the William Walker activity. 

Western Movement Technology Videos




How a Locomotive Works:

Didn't understand the lecture or forgot something I said?
Here are links to the entire thing again broken down into the different modes of transportation.



Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The War of 1812

part I
Start @ 2:21 and watch until the end.

part 2 Start @ begining and stop @ 6:53.  Then Skip to 9:07 and continue to end.

Part 3: Watch the whole clip.

Part 4:  Watch beginning to 7:09.

Part 5:  Start @ 1:35 to 3:00 epic Flag wave.  Continue @ 3:57 to 8:00.

Part 6:  2:00 to 3:50.  5:21 to 6:20.  8:25 to 9:25.  (skip over the parts not mentioned.)

Part 7: Start to 2:35.  3:45 to end.

Part 8: 4:40 (Treaty of Ghent) - 6:00.

Part 9:  1:42 to end.

Part 10: Start to 1:01. 

Common Core: An issue of Federalism

Support for Common Core

Against Common Core

Questions to Consider

Answer the following questions.
1.     Provide a brief summary of the issue.
2.     Explain how the concept of federalism is evident in this issue.
3.   What do you think are the best arguments for state/local government to retain control over education.
4.     What do you think are the best arguments for the federal government to make about how its powers apply in this case?

5. What position would you take on this issue? Is it the right of the federal or state governments to make a decision on this issue? Why?

McColloch V Maryland

Marbury V Madison

Myths of George Washington

Below I have links to two of the most popular George Washington myths for clarification.  I thought some of you might enjoy learning about each of these in your spare time.  Both articles are from Mount Vernon and the 1st one has a video that explain how GW's teeth were built. 


Cherry Tree Myth and where it came from:

XYZ Affair Songs

Here are a few fun songs that are thee XYZ Affair.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Hamilton Vs Jefferson

This is part of the text set that will help you analyze the different aspects of the political parties of Early America. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Bill of Rights

Just the Facts: Bill of Rights
1.  What are the 1st Ten Amendments to the constitution called?
2. Did the founding fathers believe that the Bill of Rights were necessary?
3. Name three of the founding Fathers that did believe in the Bill of Rights.
4. What was the first state to adopt a Bill of Rights after the war with Br.?

Bill of Rights Song

5.  Listen to the song and write down each Amendment.  
6.  What Amendment do you believe is the most important to Americans today?  Explain.  

Wednesday, January 3, 2018