Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Common Core: An issue of Federalism

Support for Common Core

Against Common Core

Questions to Consider

Answer the following questions.
1.     Provide a brief summary of the issue.
2.     Explain how the concept of federalism is evident in this issue.
3.   What do you think are the best arguments for state/local government to retain control over education.
4.     What do you think are the best arguments for the federal government to make about how its powers apply in this case?

5. What position would you take on this issue? Is it the right of the federal or state governments to make a decision on this issue? Why?

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  1. Great videos and thanks for the questions to consider. I also am a history teacher and I showed these videos to my students and we discussed the questions to consider.I love this blog, your students are lucky to have you.