Below is a list of sources that I am using in my classes to discuss different topics.  I am envisioning this being a type of syllabus that shows what I use for Humanities and comprehensive.  I also use other texts that have been developed for classroom use from different organizations and from MCPS.

I often attempt to create text sets that reflect different points of view so that my students may explore the information and in the end decide what they believe to be true about our history.  One of my goals is to explore information and have the students really analyze the meanings behind different pieces and understand why they believe what they believe.

I do not believe in academic evangelization/conversion of students, but I do believe that we must have discussions in our classroom to process the events of our time and the historical meaning of our civilization.  The classroom is the only place where students get to explore who they are, find meaning in our history, and discuss the issues of our time.  I always encourage dialogue because unfortunately when the talking stops is when the shooting begins as is evident by the Civil War.    

If you have suggestions for different texts, please, contact me through my blog comment section.  I love finding new resources!  This is a living document that I will be adding to over time.

MCPS Curriculum Guides:

Books on Historical Thought Processes and interpretation
Durant, Will & Ariel.  The Lessons of History.  New York:  Simon and Schuster, 1996.
Zinn, Howard.  On History.  New York:   Seven Stories Press, 2001.

The Electoral College

The Electoral College Still Makes Sense Because We’re Not A Democracy
Donna Carol Voss (Accessed 12-13-16)

Without the Electoral College, We’d Be More Likely To Have A Dictator
Joel Goodman (Accessed 12-13-16)

Why the Electoral College is the absolute worst, explained
Andrew Prokop (Accessed 12-13-16)

The real reason we have an Electoral College: to protect slave states
Sean Illing (Accessed 12-13-16)

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