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This is my classroom blog that has several different elements and has been a labor of love over the last few years.  Originally, the blog was a place for me to post videos and my notes to help my students further their learning outside my classroom.  Over time the project has evolved into a more complex website that now has another blog where I have been posting my thoughts on education alongside all of the resources for my class.  I have also made this a place where I record on a live site the happenings of the Civ Lab that I use to teach social studies concepts by using gaming technology mixed with traditional educational tools.  There is also the new calendar that I have constructed to help my student know what we did on what day.  I have been working hard to turn this blog into a one stop shop so my students will know what is going on when and can find support when they need it, even if I am unavailable.  Eventually, there are plans for an online repository/textbook that I have been constructing that will hopefully be up and running soon, since I am still gathering materials for the resources page. 

About Me:

I originally started as a computer science major at the University of Akron, but quickly discovered that my mathematics capabilities were not near what I needed to be successful in the field.  So, I fell back on my love of history and my desire to help people grow, which brought me to the teaching field and I never looked back.  Over the past few years I have held many different positions that helped make me into the teacher that I am today.  Below is a list of everything that I have done, which has included teaching four different grade levels to teaching special education classes to teaching on level or advanced classes while having resided in four different school buildings.  I have seen many different environments and strategies that I think make my perspective unique in my short career.   As I was teaching I began to get the technology itch again and started playing around with blogger and what you see before you are the results.  It won’t win any awards for site construction, but I sure have had fun creating it. 

·         Masters of Arts in US History From George Mason University (2013)
·         Bachelor of Arts in Education From The University of Akron (2006)
o   Certified in 7-12 Social Studies (Held in Ohio and Maryland)
Positions Held
US History: Colonial Period to 1877 (8th Grade On Level/Adv.)

US History: Colonial Period to  1877 (8th Grade On level )
World Studies Teacher Medieval Period to Colonial Period (7th Grade)

US History: 1877 to Present (9th grade On Level)
NSL Government (Co-Taught) (10th Grade)
Special Educator w/ case load

US History: 1877 to Present (9th grade On Level)
NSL Government (Co-Taught) (10th Grade)
Special Educator w/ case load

US History and NSL Government Bridge Program (Autism Spectrum Program)
Special Educator w/ case load
NSL Government (Self Contained Special Needs Program)
Special Educator w/ case load
US History: Colonial Period to 1877 (Technologically based Public Charter School)

I also enjoy athletics of all kinds and have been coaching soccer since 2008, was part of coaching and establishing a special needs softball program at the high school level, and have been refereeing Unified Bocce matches in my spare time.  I also enjoy playing soccer and golf in my spare time along with hiking in the surrounding regions of Virginia.  When I am not engaging in sport I enjoy reading, writing, taking photographs, and building/playing around with computers. 

I hope you enjoy the blog and find the resources you need to be successful in my class.  Remember to follow the blogs so you don’t miss anything.  And, if you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to ask.    

-Steve Schwarten

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