Saturday, November 5, 2011

Notes on Imperialism

Notes on imperialism that we took in class this week.

Questions that went with the notes.

1. What is Imperialism?
2. Do all Empires have to have an Emperor? What constitutes an empire?
3. Who was practicing imperialism in the late 19th century?
4. Describe the Belgian solution to Imperialism.
5. What were the results of the Belgian occupation of the Congo?
6. Describe the trading situation between the US and Japan.
a. WHO:
b. What:
c. Where:
d. When:
e. Why:
7. What island did the United States become interested in the 1890s? Why?
8. Define Yellow Journalism.
9. Identify the two examples of participants in yellow journalism.
10. What President is elected in 1897?
11. What happened to the Maine and why was that important?
12. What did Hearst report happened to the Maine? What do we now know really happened?
13. Who was supposed to win the Spanish-American war? Why?
14. What was the American response once war was declared on Spain?
15. Describe what happened in the battle of San Juan Hill and who becomes a hero out of that battle.
16. Name the places America gained control after defeating the Spanish.
17. What was the big decision that McKinley had to make after defeating the Spanish? What did he decide to do and why did he decide that was the best thing to do?
18. What does the word annex mean?
19. What are the consequences of annexing the Philippines?

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