Wednesday, February 15, 2012

HItler's Final Days

This is a clip from the movie Downfall.  Watch to notice what happens to Hitler’s mental state and how he interacts with people.  After this scence Hitler marries the girl that he kisses, who is his girlfriend Eva Braun.  Once they are married they both take cyanide and Hitler shoots himself in the temple. 

After he died some soldiers burned a body of Hitler, but it has been reported that that was a Double who only looked like him to throw off the Soviets.  Some Soviet soldiers were told that they had burried Hitler's body after Stalin had looke dover the body.  (Remember, Stalin is a maniac as well and wants revenge on Hitler)  In the late 1990's historians tried to dig up the box that should have contained Hitler, but when they opened the box it was empty.  There are also other reports that parts of Hitler's bones were kept in the Kremlin archives, sine Stalin kept them as a trophy.  However, people are not sure if those are really Hitler.  That is part of the reason that people kept reporting him alive years after WWII had ended. 

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