Wednesday, April 30, 2014

SOLE Lesson on John Brown

The next two days we are going to be using the SOLE style of learning.  The rules are as follows: 

1.    Mr. Schwarten is going to pose a question for you that you can use either textbooks or the internet to solve.

2.    You are to have 1 computer per group, 1 note taker per group, and your brains full of questions.

3.    The first day we are gathering information about the Question and second day we are making a poster and discussing the question.

4.    You can see what other groups are doing, but your group is responsible for creating their own product.

5.    On Day one I am not going to tell you if you are right or not. You are to do the research and learn.

6.      Once we are done I am going to post our results to the TED website.

7.      There are no rules for the poster on day two other than it has to be completed and look like effort was put into it.

8.      The Point of this activity is to give you a chance to guide your own learning. 

9.      There is no wrong way to do this activity just be inquisitive and work hard and I will be happy.
10.  I suggest letting google be your friend. 
SOLE Question:  Was John Brown an American Hero or an American Psycho?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

John Green On The Mexican-American War and Compromise of 1850

Here is a summary by John Green on the Mexican-American War and the Compromise of 1850 in case you didn't understand what we did during the RPG.  This is a good summary of why the war was important.