Thursday, December 11, 2014

Things to review for the summative test for this Monday!

This to study for the Test on Monday:

-Some information about the Framers and the role they played in writing the constitution

-Parts of the constitution: 

-Preamble, etc

-The 3 branches:

-Executive, Legislative, and Judicial

-The roles they all play in the process of making a law

-How they all work and the parts that make them work (Ex:  legislative branch is made up of congress that has 2 parts the house and the senate)

-The Cabinet

-Supreme Court and the role it plays

-How a bill becomes a law

Federalism:  Balance of power between the states and the federal government

Separation of Powers: 

                -Federal Powers

                -State Powers

                -Expressed powers

                -Implied powers

                -reserved powers

                -Denied Powers

Checks and balances of the Branches

Bill of Rights

The 3/5 compromise (See notes we took in class)

The Great Compromise/Connecticut compromise (See notes we took in class)

The Presidency of George Washington and the Precedents that he set

Presidencies of Adams and Jefferson:  See the Reading Rotation sheets

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