Thursday, January 8, 2015

Review links for MCPS Mid Term Exam

The Presidencies of Washington to Jefferson:

George Washington Bio:

The Electoral College:

The Great Compromise:

3/5 Compromise:

Government Concepts:

McColloch V Maryland:

Marbury V Madison:

Northwest Ordinance:

Articles of Confederation:

Quick Shays Rebellion Video:

American Culture Notes:

American Values:

The American Revolution:

The Purpose of Government:

Triangular Trade:

Declaration of Independence:

8th Grade Political Principles:  (within the system, outside the system, etc)

The Enlightenment:

The Road to Revolution Gallery Walk:


French and Indian War:

George Washington French and Indian War:

The 13 Colonies:

Map of the 13 Colonies:

Colonial Fashion:  (don't spend to much time studying this.)

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