Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Articles of Confederation Activity

Here is the link to the document about the Articles of Confederation (Special Thanks to Colonial Williamsburg for the resource):

Link to capture sheet:

Part I:
Confederation:  A loose alliance of states for the common defense.  Usually, the National government is weaker than the State governments.

1. Look at the student friendly Articles of Confederation I gave you in class and fill out the organizer's 3 sections.  Remember, you are looking for the Powers of the States and the National Government.

You are also to write in the weaknesses of the Articles as well.  Here they are below:

On the back of the sheet and after discussing with your table group:

2. Analyze the cartoon in a short 3 sentence paragraph.

Part II:  Still on back of sheet:

3.  Write down 5 new Articles that could improve the document you just read and provide a rational for each one.

4.  Remove 3 things from the document to make the government more effective and provide a rational for each one.  You do not have to remove the whole Article and may do a line item veto to make them stronger.  Make sure you reference where you are striking out and give the rational.

This will be a graded formative assignment.

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