Monday, December 14, 2015

American Political Parties Advertisement (ADV)

For your advertisement project you need to do the following:

1.  Complete T-Chart using textbook on the two early American Political Parties.

Use page 270-271 to write down the differences between the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists.



Use pages 338-341 to write down the differences between the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans. 


2.  Create the Early American Political Parties Advertisement

Federalists and Democratic-Republican Campaign Poster Project
Directions:  You are going to create posters in partner groups regarding the political parties of early America.

1.    Fold the paper in half and have two: One per party.

2.   There needs to be a large picture on each side.

3.   You need to try to make people vote for your party. 
a.   Include party all candidates/famous members of the party
b.   Include 4 elements of the party platform
c.    3 Reasons why they should not vote for the other party
d.   Their interpretation of how the Constitution should be read and understood

4.   Origins of the party:  3 facts about where they stood on the constitution (federalists/anti-federalists)

5.   Include a reference of support from local newspapers

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Myths of George Washington (Cherry Tree and Teeth)

Below I have links to two of the most popular George Washington myths for clarification.  I thought some of you might enjoy learning about each of these in your spare time.  Both articles are from Mount Vernon and the 1st one has a video that explain how GW's teeth were built. 


Cherry Tree Myth and where it came from:

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Was the Constitution Pro or Anti-Slavery as it was written in 1787?

For HW you are to complete the packet on the Constitution and Slavery.

Due: 12-10-15

Complete Step 3 first:
1.Complete the organizer
2.Write in the claim that each author made.
3.Write in two to three pieces of evidence (quotes and paraphrase) by each historian.

4.  Write in your own personal opinion.  

If you need help with the sources they are below:

Against Sanders
With Sanders


Fill out the organizer that answers the question completely.  

1.  Take a side and complete the organizer.
2.You must use one of the historians as a source.
3.You also must use  the constitution as a source. ( think 3/5 compromise)  

4.Thesis statement. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Abigail Adams Primary Documents Question

After completing the packet of letters from Abigail Adams, complete the following assignment:

Answer the question in a well developed paragraph.  

How does Abigail Adams's famous appeal to "Remember the Ladies" reflect the status of women in eighteenth-century America?  

Each paragraph needs to have the following elements:

1.  3 Pronged thesis statement that answers the question.

     Ex:  Abigail Adams believed women to be underprivileged, unequal to, and in many cases abused by men in American society.  

2.  Three supports that explain thesis.  

3.  Should be 5-6 sentences.  

4.  Do not use the words "I think" or I in any way.  

5.  Should be written on back of Glossary Page.  

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Bill of Rights

(Hum only.  Adv we have moved on.)

Watch the following videos for HW (Due 12/2/15) and answer the questions that go with each one.  I want to do an activity that requires you to have the knowledge about The Bill of Rights.  This will allow us to have a rich discussion in class on 12/2/15.  Answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper.  

Just the Facts: Bill of Rights
1.  What are the 1st Ten Amendments to the constitution called?
2. Did the founding fathers believe that the Bill of Rights were necessary?
3. Name three of the founding Fathers that did believe in the Bill of Rights.
4. What was the first state to adopt a Bill of Rights after the war with Br.?

Bill of Rights Song

5.  Listen to the song and write down each Amendment.  
6.  What Amendment do you believe is the most important to Americans today?  Explain.  

Advanced Topics For Constitution Summative Quiz

The Framers and the Constitution Exam Study Guide

-Some information about the Framers and the role they played in writing the constitution

-Parts of the constitution: 

-Preamble, Articles, etc

-The 3 branches:

-Executive, Legislative, and Judicial

-The roles they all play in the process of making a law

-How they all work and the parts that make them work (Ex:  legislative branch is made up of congress that has 2 parts the house and the senate)

-The Cabinet

-Supreme Court and the role it plays

-How a bill becomes a law

Federalism:  Balance of power between the states and the federal government

Separation of Powers: 

                -Federal Powers

                -State Powers

                -Expressed powers

                -Implied powers

                -reserved powers

                -Denied Powers

Checks and balances of the Branches

Bill of Rights